Cochrane Nutrition community meeting at the 25th Cochrane Colloquium

As part of the 25th Cochrane Colloquium, Cochrane Nutrition organised a community meeting that aimed to 1) raise awareness about Cochrane Nutrition, its objectives and key activities, 2) spark people’s interest to become contributors of the Field, and 3) gather ideas for new activities or projects linked to Cochrane Nutrition objectives.

Sixteen participants attended the meeting, from across other Cochrane groups and external organisations, such as the United States Dietetics Association (USDA) - Nutrition Evidence Library, Cornell University, and others.

After a short presentation about the Field and the work carried out up to now, there were group discussions about how individuals wished to contribute to Cochrane Nutrition’s work and what future activities and projects the Field should consider. All participants were interested in getting involved with various activities, from helping to conduct research projects to translating blogshots into languages other than English. Several topics for methodological research were identified, including assessing the quality and reporting of primary nutrition research that inform nutrition evidence synthesis; developing standardised outcomes for nutrition; and  how to best incorporate evidence from nonrandomised studies and draw information from these to inform nutrition policies and guidelines.

It was great to meet with peers interested to contribute to the Field’s work. Going forward, the Field wants to engage more with its contributor community and involve them in various research and knowledge translation projects. We also want to prioritise the suggestions for new activities and projects  raised in this meeting.