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Cochrane Mexico's 'citizen scientist' event contributes to global research efforts

1 week 2 days ago

Cochrane Crowd is a global community of volunteers who are helping to classify the research needed to support informed decision-making about health care. Cochrane Mexico recently hosted its third screening challenge that helped introduce students to randomized control trials and evidence assessment. This event not only fostered the value of evidence synthesis among students but also made a significant contribution to ongoing global research efforts. 

The job of the Cochrane Crowd community is to review descriptions of research studies to identify and classify randomized controlled trials (RCTs), a type of study that is considered the gold standard for clinical trials. Reports of RCTs are then fed into Cochrane’s Central Register of Controlled Trials, helping Cochrane authors and other systematic reviewers quickly find the evidence they need to determine whether a treatment works, or whether a diagnostic test is accurate.

Cochrane Mexico student event involved 31 universities  

The Cochrane Mexico Associated Centre at Sinaloa’s Pediatric Hospital,  the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, and the Mexican Association of Doctors in Training hosted their third Cochrane Crowd challenge. The first two challenges (held in 2018 and 2022) were limited to the Autonomous University of Sinaloa's students. This year, all Mexican medical schools were invited to participate and two students per university were selected.

59 students from 31 universities virtually participated, conducting 65,958 classifications in Cochrane Crowd in 24 hours. In total 3093 randomized clinical trials were identified. 59 medical students completed the 24 hours with more than 1000 classifications received Cochrane Memberships. First place was Pavel Martínez, from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, who made 1104 classifications and had an accuracy of 97%.

Giordano Perez-Gaxiola, director of Cochrane Mexico and key challenge organizer, says: “Cochrane Crowd is a great introduction to systematic reviews and randomized control trials for students. Having students participate in a time-limited challenge is a fun way to engage students and was simple for us to set-up. The students exceeded all our expectations this year and we are so proud of them! Many of the students enjoyed it so much and could see results of their efforts for global health research that they are continuing to do screening on Cochrane Crowd!”

Anyone can join Cochrane Crowd and no previous experience is necessary

“Cochrane sends its thanks to all those involved in this citizen scientist challenge using Cochrane Crowd – what an amazing achievement in just 24 hours!” says Anna Noel-Storr, Cochrane’s Evidence Pipeline Lead. “We hope these students inspire everyone to give Cochrane Crowd a try. From medical students, to clinicians, to anyone with an interest in health research – being a part of Cochrane Crowd can help individuals develop skills in understanding health evidence while collectively contributing to global research efforts.” 

Has Cochrane Mexico inspired you to organise a Cochrane Crowd challenge at your workplace or university? If so, please get in contact and we will support you to get one up and running:

Friday, December 1, 2023
Muriah Umoquit

Cochrane seeks Clinical Editor, Cochrane Library

2 weeks 5 days ago

Specifications: Permanent – Full Time
Location: (Remote – Flexible) Candidates anywhere from the world will be considered; however, Cochrane’s Central Executive Team is only able to offer consultancy contracts outside these countries.
Closing date: 05 December 2023
Cochrane is an international charity. For 30 years we have responded to the challenge of making vast amounts of research evidence useful for informing decisions about health. We do this by synthesising research findings and our work has been recognised as the international gold standard for high quality, trusted information.

Cochrane's strength is in its collaborative, global community. We have 110,000+ members and supporters around the world. Though we are spread out across the globe, our shared passion for health evidence unites us. Our Central Executive Team supports this work and is divided into four directorates: Evidence Production and Methods, Publishing and Technology, Development, and Finance and Corporate Services.

The purpose of the job is to develop, create and edit content that enhances the relevance and applicability of Cochrane Reviews for clinicians and other healthcare professionals.  

This involves presenting and delivering clinical content derived from Cochrane Reviews – including Cochrane Clinical Answers - to clinicians at the point-of-care and other healthcare professionals in a manner that aligns with Cochrane’s vision and values.

Don’t have every single qualification? We know that some people are less likely to apply for a job unless they are a perfect match. At Cochrane, we’re not looking for “perfect matches.” We’re looking to welcome people to our diverse, inclusive, and passionate workplace. So, if you’re excited about this role but don’t have every single qualification, we encourage you to apply anyway. Whether it’s this role or another one, you may be just the right candidate.

Our organization is built on four core values: Collaboration: Underpins everything we do, locally and globally. Relevant: The right evidence at the right time in the right format. Integrity: Independent and transparent. Quality: Reviewing and improving what we do, maintaining rigour and trust.  

You can expect: 

  • An opportunity to truly impact health globally.  
  • A flexible work environment  
  • A comprehensive onboarding experiences.
  • An environment where people feel welcome, heard, and included, regardless of their differences.

Cochrane welcomes applications from a wide range of perspectives, experiences, locations, and backgrounds; diversity, equity and inclusion are key to our values.

How to apply

  • For further information on the role and how to apply, please click here.  
  • The deadline to receive your application is 05 Dec 2023.
  • The supporting statement should indicate why you are applying for the post, and how far you meet the requirements, using specific examples. 
  • Read our Recruitment Privacy Statement
Tuesday, November 21, 2023 Category: Jobs
Lydia Parsonson

Cochrane International Mobility - Milena Geist

1 month ago

Cochrane's members and supporters come from more than 130 countries, worldwide. Our volunteers and contributors are researchers, health professionals, patients, carers, people passionate about improving health outcomes for everyone, everywhere.

Getting involved in Cochrane’s work means becoming part of a global community. The Cochrane International Mobility programme connects successful applicants with a placement in a host Cochrane Group, where they learn about the production, use, and knowledge translation of Cochrane reviews. The prgramme offers opportunities for learning and training not only for participants but also for host staff.

In this series, we profile those who have participated in the Cochrane International Mobility Program and learn more about their experiences.

Name: Milena
Location: Germany
CIM Location: Cochrane Sweden

How did you first learn about Cochrane? 
I first learned about Cochrane in my Bachelor studies back in Munich. In some of our research modules several lecturers mentioned systematic reviews by Cochrane having the highest level of evidence and being internationally renowned in research. In my Master studies it was mandatory to complete an internship and I wanted to take the opportunity to go abroad. Back in Germany, I worked in a research team at the 'Haunersche children's hospital'. My boss, who has completed a Cochrane course before, contacted Martin who forwarded contact to Matteo and introduced me to Cochrane Sweden and its department for Neonatology. 

What was your experience with your Cochrane International Mobility? 
Since my Bachelor studies, I've always been interested in the field of research and worked in several jobs regarding the health of children and adolescents. Conducting a systematic review in the field of Neonatology was one thing I was still missing. Cochrane has proved to be an outstanding place of internship: the content is high-quality, the communication runs smoothly and the supervision is excellent. I really liked working in such an international team.

What are you doing now in relation to your Cochrane International Mobility experience? 
Right now, we have just finished a Cochrane review about strategies for cessation of caffeine administration in preterm infants. Additionally, I am collaborating with other amazing teams in a review protocol regarding infant positioning as well as a methods paper about imputing risk ratio from rate data. Also, I am planning to remain a part of Cochrane. Back home, I will continue to support Matteo's team and several Cochrane projects. Cochrane's mobile way of working is just super flexible and works perfect for students from all over the world.

Do you have any words of advice to anyone considering a Cochrane International Mobility experience? 
If you're interested in research and how to perform a high-standard systematic review in practice, Cochrane is the perfect place for you. The intense exchange with international researchers, doctors, nurses, statisticians and students allows you to grow, personally as well as professionally. It will improve your English skills, your communication skills, and your knowledge about methodology in research a lot. I can deeply recommend working together with Cochrane!

Monday, November 6, 2023
Muriah Umoquit
12 hours 36 minutes ago
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