Our scope

Cochrane Nutrition covers a wide spectrum of nutrition-related issues and questions, ranging from clinical to public health nutrition. A nutrition-related review is defined as any review investigating the effects of:

  • Diets and dietary patterns; foods; formulated, fortified, or enriched food or nutritional products and drinks; nutrients and bioactive non-nutrients naturally or added to foods or crops;
  • Nutrition education, promotion, counselling, coordination of care, or programmes; and,
  • Any policy, programme, systems or supportive interventions to improve outcomes clearly distinguishable as nutrition-related (nutrition-specific or nutrition-sensitive).

 Cochrane Nutrition's scope excludes reviews of pharmaceutical-only or herbal medicines and products. While reviews about plant or other components routinely used in food (e.g. cinnamon) are included, those assessing plants or other components not routinely used in food (e.g. Echinacea) are excluded. Reviews of nutrition-related interventions combined with other interventions and of hydration interventions are included.